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Seminar: Dine data er til salgs

8. september, 2016
Forbrukerrådet inviterer til seminar om utfordringer knyttet til kommersialisering av forbrukerdata.

14. november kl. 11.30–15.00
Latter, Holmens Gate 1 (Aker Brygge), Oslo. 

Seminaret er fulltegnet, men streames her  fra kl 11.30.

Seminardeltagere for data4sale.Foto

Illustrasjon: Forbruekrrådet

NB! Seminaret er åpent for alle, men husk å melde deg på nedenfor.

Moderator Jennifer Baker, technology journalist for Ars Technica.

11:00     Coffee

11:30     Welcome  and opening remarks

Finn Myrstad, Head of Digital Services Section at The Norwegian Consumer Council.

Kai-Morten Terning, State Secretary, Ministry of Children and Equality

11:45     The new EU Data Protection Regulation; opportunities for better protection?
Jan Philipp Albrecht, Lead member of European Parliament on the regulation.

Part 1:   Who, what and how are we tracked – and what is the consequence?

12:00     Corporate Surveillance, Digital Tracking, Big Data & Privacy
Wolfie Christl, the co-founder of Cracked Labs, is a privacy advocate, technologist and writer.

12:30     Digital Tracking from a Norwegian perspective
Catharina Nes, Specialist director, research and analysis at the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

Part 2:   What can be done?

12:45     What is the industry doing to preserve privacy and data protection rights?
Ingvild Næss (Head of Privacy), Marte Radmann (Product Manager Privacy) and Narasimha Raghavan Veeraragavan (Senior Technical Program Manager), all from Schibsted Media Group.

13:00     Short break

13:10     Using the courts: How a student took Facebook and EU/US data sharing rules to court.

Max Schrems, Austrian lawyer, author and privacy activist. Max Schrems is known for campaigns against Facebook for privacy violation, including its violations of European privacy laws.

14:00     Reaction and discussion: Courts, politics or self-regulation?

  • Paul Chaffey, State Secretary at the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation, Høyre
  • Torstein Tvedt Solberg, Member of Parliament, Arbeiderpartiet
  • Jon Wessel Aas, Lawyer and Partner, Bing Hodneland
  • Bjørn Erik Thon, Norwegian Data Protection Commissioner
  • Bente Øverli, acting Consumer Ombudsman
  • Ingvild Næss, Head of Privacy, Schibsted Media Group

15:00     End