Dissatisfied with a bank service?

Are you dissatisfied with your bank? Check what you can complain about, and how to proceed.

What can I complain about?

If the bank does not deliver in accordance with your contract, you can complain.  This can, for example, be unauthorised withdrawals from your account, wrongful interest calculation or if the bank fails to advise you against a bad financial deal.

How do I proceed to complain?

1. Complain to your bank

First, you must send a written complaint to the bank. You can use The Consumer Council’s (Forbrukerrådet) complaint letters.

2. Complain to the Financial Services Complaints Board

If the case is not solved after your written complaint, you can contact the Norwegian Financial Services Complaints Board (Finansklagenemda). The secretariat of the board will give you both oral and written advice and can help you further with your complaint.

Types of cases the board will try:

  • Disputes between consumers and banks, financial institutions, mortgage companies or investment management companies.
  • Disputes between consumers and foreign credit or finance institutions who offer equivalent services in Norway.
  • Disputes between consumers and investment firms when the complaint concerns investment advice.