When you buy goods or services on your credit or debit card, you have extra protection if things go wrong and the trader is unable to sort it out.

You have extra protection when purchasing something using your card

If you have purchased goods or services on credit, you have extra protection through the Norwegian Financial Contracts Act § 2-7. Particularly valuable is the law’s regulation that the creditor (mainly the bank) has the same responsibility as the trader.

Chargeback gives you extra protection if:

  • you do not receive the goods you have ordered
  • the service you have ordered is not delivered
  • an event is cancelled
  • a trip is cancelled
  • the trader does not respect your right of withdrawal
  • the trader has gone out of business
  • you have been scammed

When buying with a debit card:

VISA and Mastercard practice the same rights when using debit cards. You can therefore complain to your bank regarding goods and services purchased with a regular debit card as well.

The process leading up to a refund is more complicated for debit cards and banks often have short deadlines. It is important that you contact your bank as soon as the trader has rejected your claim.

What determines whether I can claim something from the creditor/bank?

If there are errors and product defects on goods and services – and the trader is unable to sort them out, you can direct the claim to the creditor, which usually is the bank or financial institution that granted you the credit. Please note that there are four conditions that must be met:

  1. You must have used a credit card or VISA / Mastercard debit cards.
  2. You must have purchased from a trader.
  3. There must be a product defect in the goods/services that you have purchased.
  4. You must have attempted to resolve the matter with the trader first.

What can I demand from the bank?

The claim to the bank must be the same as the one to the trader and can only be a monetary claim. You can therefore not demand that the bank repair your washing machine, but you can be reimbursed for the repair expenses.

NOTE! Banks often have short deadlines. It is therefore important that you contact your bank as soon as you suspect that something is wrong.

How do I proceed to complain?

1. Complain to the creditor/bank

The creditor is typically the bank or financial institution that granted you the credit. If you have a Nordea MasterCard, then Nordea is the credit provider.

You should complain in writing and enclose the necessary documentation, for example, copies of receipts and previous correspondence with the trader. This will contribute to speeding up the process and make it easier to document that you have complained to the creditor, should there be any question as to whether you have complained in due time.

2. Complain to The Norwegian Financial Services Complaints Board

If the bank rejects your claim, you have the right to submit a complaint to the Norwegian Financial Services Complaints Board (Finansklagenemnda).