Checklist before choosing insurance

Check if you need the insurance and how to proceed to get the best deals.

Always check the terms and conditions  

When considering insurance offers, it is always a good idea to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions and find out what it takes for the insurance to be paid out.

Check if you need the insurance 

The rule of thumb: you should be insured against major disasters. If the house burns down, you cannot afford to build it yourself. If you are hospitalised during a trip in a foreign country, the treatment and return trip home can potentially ruin you financially. However, you should not insure yourself against all possible minor injuries or accidents. To cover small accidents, it is better to set aside a small buffer in a bank account, rather than taking out an expensive insurance.

Check if you are already covered by insurance  

Many suppliers offer customers to take out their own insurance when they buy an item, such as a computer or a refrigerator. Stay clear from this. This type of insurance is relatively expensive, and the coverage is rarely as good as the sellers’ claim. You usually have many of the same rights through The Consumer Purchases Act (Forbrukerkjøpsloven) and other warranties. In addition, be aware that regular insurances such as household insurance, home insurance and travel insurance already cover many of the same areas as an additional insurance.

Make sure you get the best insurance for you

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