Dissatisfied with the insurance

Are you dissatisfied with the insurance settlement, or have you been denied insurance? Learn more about how you can complain.

Can the insurance company deny me insurance?

Insurance is a necessary good that as many people as possible should have access to. The threshold for refusing you necessary insurances such as home insurance, car insurance and disability insurance, is therefore high and the company must always have objective reasoning for refusing you.

It is illegal for companies to use payment remarks to deny you insurance or request health information that is more than 10 years back in time.

The company can demand that the insurance is paid in advance or set a higher price for the insurance. If the insurance is offered at a particularly high premium, the company must justify this. Being denied insurance must always be substantiated in writing.

How do I proceed to complain about the insurance?

1. Complain to the company

If you disagree with the insurance settlement or other matters related to the insurance, you must first contact the company. Feel free to use The Consumer Council's (Forbrukerrådet) standard complaint letters. Remember to keep a copy of the complaint.

2. Complain to The Norwegian Financial Services Complaints Board

If you and the insurance company do not reach an agreement, you can send the case to The Norwegian Financial Services Complaints Board (Finansklagenemnda). You can also contact the complaints board in advance if you have questions related to the complaint.

The Norwegian Financial Services Complaints Board deals with, among other things, disputes related to general insurance and household insurance. The statements made by the board are advisory, but are in most cases upheld by the companies. However, if the company does not want to listen to the advice from the board, the company will cover your legal costs in a possible lawsuit.