The Consumer Council and friends read app terms for 32 hours

25. mai, 2016

To demonstrate what reading the terms and conditions actually entails, the Norwegian Consumer Council and number of guests read out all the app terms and conditions on a “standars” phone – word by word.

The reading started at 09 on Tuesday 24 May and lasted until 5 am Wednesday afternoon, a total of 37  hours . The “app terms word by word” has received very good coverage, both in Norwegian, foreign and social media.

“We hope this can help put the spotlight on a failing contract regime. Few, if anyone, have the time and opportunity to familiarise themselves with what they actually click ‘OK’ to, says Digital Policy Director Finn Myrstad at the Norwegian Consumer Council.

Randi Flesland leser appvilkår.foto

“The current state of terms and conditions for digital services is bordering on the absurd. Their scope, length and complexity mean it is virtually impossible to make good and informed decisions”

«The digital industry are responsible to clear up this jungle of terms, and we do have the impression that many would now like to. In addition to this, it is key to continue enforcement of existing rules, and clamp down on practices that clearly breach with consumer and privacy law.»

The Consumer Council will now follow up the appfail campaign, which among other things resulted in complaints on Runkeeper and Tinder.

More about the “App terms word by word”.

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Øyvind H. Kaldestad

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