Craftsman Services Agreement

You should always write a contract. It makes it easier to determine what you have agreed upon in the event of a conflict.

The contract can be used for agreements on small and medium-sized work on real estate, but not for new housing or other work being done as part of this.

Contract crafts services under approximately 200 000 NOK (2G)(Norwegian only) Contract crafts services over 200 000 NOK (2G) (Norwegian only)

Se the basic amount (G) on Nav.no.

The contract has been prepared by Standard Norge, the Consumer Council, the Consumer Ombudsman, Boligprodusentenes Forening, Husbanken, Huseiernes Landsforbund, Maler- og byggtapetsermestrenes Landsforbund, Norges Byggmesterforbund, Norges Huseierforbund, Norske Rørleggerbedrifters Landsforening – VVS and Norsk Teknologi.

Craftsman Services Agreement in other languages

Before choosing a craftsman

You may want to look at our checklist before choosing a craftsman.  (Norwegian only)