Out of control: Complaints and follow up

14. januar, 2020

Complaints and other follow up concerning the «Out of control» project.

The complaints and letters  are a part of the project «Out of control» and are directed to the Norwegian Data Protection Agency for breaches of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Cover letter with summary to complaints Complaint 1. against Grindr, Twitter MoPub, AppNexus and OpenX Complaint 2. against Grindr and AdColony Complaint against 3. Grindr and Smaato

Other follow up

14.01.20: Coalition of Nine Consumer Organizations Send Letters to About AdTech Report to Regulators and Congress

14.01.20: Leading Consumer and Privacy Groups urge Congress, the FTC, State AGs in California, Texas, Oregon to Investigate several popular dating apps

21.04.20 Letter to the Global Privacy Assembly 

27.02.20 Letter to the Match Group concerning use of third party tracking in dating apps

14.05.20 Letters sent to 8 companies

15.05.20 Response from fluxLoop

26.05.20 Response from fluxLoop (in Norwegian)

20.05.20 Response from the NCC to fluxLoop

06.06.20 Response from Foursquare

23.06.20 Response from Unacast

Safegraph and Fysical declined to have their responses published.

Partners in the «Out of control» action

Partner logos Out of control actionBEUC-L-2020-107 Letter to Ms Denham – Chair Global Privacy Assembly

International umbrella organisations

European consumer organisations

US Partners

Other partners

Human rights organisations

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